Sunday, August 14, 2011

Female Athletes in Bikinis

     For those of you who also followed the women's world cup soccer, I'm sure that you also now have a greater love for women's sports. If not solely for the reason that these girls kicked ass, then for the fact that there are so many beautiful women playing soccer. And the games were exciting! Anyone that didn't have their blood pressure go up a few points while watching USA vs France, Germany vs Japan, or obviously the final game...does not like sports. Any man who didn't also have their blood pressure go up a few points every time that Hope Solo came on screen...well we'll just say that you're different. I think that the creepy testosterone fueled troll that lives inside of every guy in the world simultaneously thought "she's got a purdy mouth." Yes women it is true, every man thinks south to north. But that brings me to the purpose of this post. As much as we guys like it, do you think that it detracts from a female athlete's validity as a professional when they pose in bikinis or are featured in Maxim Magazine? Or does it add to their validity by parading the fact that they can be beautiful, feminine, and intense, aggressive athletes all at the same time? As for me and my inner troll, I'm all for it!

A real example of what I am talking about can be found here.

I'm no artist, but you get the idea.


  1. I think it detracts more than enhances a female athlete's validity unless she's won something. If a tennis player like Maria Sharapova does a Maxim shoot or whatever, then that's cool because she's won tournaments. But, Anna Kournikova? Not so much.

    Danica Patrick has won once, but that was a rain shortened race and hasn't really been a threat to win since. So, I think all those commercials with her in skimpy outfits during races that she isn't even competitive in hurt her with racing fans.

    Also, Alex Morgan > Hope Solo ;-)

    - Jay

  2. I definitely think that Jay made a good point.

    I don't know about Danica though, because she is in such a minority in racing and the first woman to win in IRL. Maybe it is more acceptable for Danica because she is in a sport that is almost all men and has no women's league. And she is much more competitive than Milka and Sarah that is for sure.

  3. In the Women's World Cup, Japan was definitely lacking in hot females. Sorry, ladies...